Stronger With Values ( How values will make you stronger)
Western society is about to rediscover the nearly-lost values that made it great. Values shape our lives and our work and finally determine their worth. Find out here how values will make you and your team stronger.

On-stage-interpreters are often being used in Live-Performances of internationally renowned personalities to better bring across their impact on the audience. Hans-Joachim Hahn has been on the stage together with many top speakers and has interpreted them into German or English. Read more here.


Hans Joachim Hahn
Speaker and On-Stage-Interpreter
Haus des Friedens 1
35614 Asslar

Tel. 06446 - 92049
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Hello and welcome to my website!HJH-1

Ethics and values have shaped my life:

  • more than 35 years of experience in building ethics-networks
  • Initiator of  “Professorenforum”
  • managing director of Campus fuer Christus, Germany for five years
  • Speaker on the topic of “Stronger with values”

You and your team can profit from my experience. In my talks I will demonstrate how you can act more successfully with values. The right handling of our cultural values will reward you with advantages in the market and put you into pole-positions. And, of course, my presentations as speaker are available in both, English and German.

By bridging the language- and emotional barrier, on-stage-interpreters create intense connection between the foreign speaker and his audience. As on-stage-interpreter with decades of experience I have worked with many significant personalities in business as well as Christian ministry in Germany and abroad. Make use of my extensive experience: Give your international speaker an appropriate communication with his audience through superb on-stage or simultaneous translation.

Look at my website for more details, or ask me for additional information.

Looking forward to serve you
Hans-Joachim Hahn
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