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On-Stage-Interpreter (English and German)

On-stage-interpreters are often being used in Live-Performances of internationally renowned personalities to bring across their impact on the audience in spite of language barriers. On-stage-interpretation is done consecutively, phrase by phrase; the interpreter has to be in constant attention. At the same time, emotional “chemistry” and vibrations are vital for harmonious interplay, since speaker and interpreter are constantly visible on stage. Therefore facial expression and body-language are equally important.

Hans-Joachim Hahn has been on stage together with many top-speakers and has interpreted them successfully. He draws from more than 35 years of on-stage and simultaneous working experience.

Among the speakers he worked with are:

On-Stage-Interpreter for:

Simultaneous Interpreter for:

  • Sabine Asgodom
  • Bill Bright
  • Nikolaus B. Enkelmann
  • Burke Hedges
  • Earl Pitts
  • Jim Rhode
  • Naomi Rhode
  • Dr. Robert H. Schuller
  • Prof. Dr. Lothar J. Seiwert
  • Brian Tracy
  • Tomas Sedlacek
  • Prabhu Guptara
  • ...






  • Edgar K. Geffroy
  • Boris Grundl
  • Margit Hertlein
  • Hans-Uwe Köhler
  • Mark A. LeBlanc
  • Jörg Löhr
  • Samy Molcho
  • Dr. Marco Freiherr von Münchhausen
  • Billy Selekane
  • Johannes Warth
  • Mikki Williams
  • Margot Käsmann
  • Tikki Küstenmacher
  • Eckhart von Hirschhausen
  • Roman Herzog
  • Hans-Dietrich Genscher
  • Franz Alt
  • ...













Some comments about his performance as On-stage-Interpreter:

  • adapts to a variety of speakers without any problem
  • precision and competence of language and rhetoric alertness
  • maintains humour even in handling difficult situations
  • establishes a unique emotional rapport between speaker and audience in a minimum of time…

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