• shape our lives and our work, and finally determine their worth
  • mirror our worldview
  • are personal
  • are an expression of character
  • appear in interaction of persons

Talks about “How values will make you stronger”

  • gain clarity about your own valuesspeaking.at Guiling-Healthcare congress
  • discern and avoid mechanisms of destruction
  • recognize seven (7) positive values for entrepreneurial action
  • acquire successful habits of visionary businesses and entrepreneurs (leaders)
  • understand Christian values and their significance for successful leadership
  • apply values in your own life and work

Target-groups for my talks are:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders, managers, and decision-makers
  • Team- and co-workers

My topic: “How values will make you stronger” is available as a keynote of app. 45 - 90 min. or also as a half-day or one-day seminar. It can also be tailored to fit to specific audiences.

It can be presented in English and German.


Picture: Speaker at Guiling-Healthcare congress
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