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References as on-stage-interpreter

Numerous references confirm the services of Hans-Joachim Hahn as a stage interpreter and his adaptability to different speakers.

Here are some. Find more references through the link: References as Speaker.


About his interpreting services (simultaneous and consecutive)

For me it is always impressive how quickly and reliably and above all how motivating Hans-Joachim Hahn not only (consecutively) translates but also interprets simultaneously.

Within the framework of Supervisory Board meetings, I usually have two to four simultaneous interpreters for this kind of material, but he managed it all on his own – whether in technically demanding or highly motivating contexts. He always succeeds masterfully in working out the speaker’s intentions.

I also think it’s great how he not only switches from English to German (his mother tongue), but also vice versa from German to English in a matter of seconds.

Norman Rentrop, Bonn

About stage interpreting for several speakers

… thank you for your work on stage at our international convention in Berlin!

Within a very short period of time you managed to establish a connection between audience and speaker – within the very different cultures and people our company brings together.

You succeed in sparking an enthusiasm in our business partners that has a very constructive effect on the development of the business. You can also easily adapt to very different speakers and have great flexibility in transferring their accents and idiosyncrasies into the German language.

Your linguistic competence and speed, spiced with spontaneous humour, is an experience on stage. I don’t know a better translator…

Dan Holzmann, Managing Director NSA AG, Basel

Hans-Joachim Hahn is not only excellent as an interpreter on stage next to a speaker.

Within the framework of company tours, he is also able to master complicated situations in which moving groups have to follow a foreign-language tour guide. Hans-J. Hahn succeeds time and again not only in translating the technical content into the target language, but also in creating a motivating atmosphere in which visitors feel included and valued. His commitment brought a significant increase in value for the participants of our trip to Silicon Valley.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Knoblauch

Our traditional annual kick-off conferences for customers and partners have always featured top-class speakers from Germany and abroad. In their presentations, the experts convey useful impulses, ideas and suggestions on all aspects of human resources. This year Hans-Joachim Hahn has impressively expanded the list of our top speakers. Within the audience, his thoughts on the significance of our ethical values, which have grown out of culture and history, for society and corporate management received the greatest attention. Particularly against the background of the current discussion on values in Germany, Hans-Joachim Hahn’s well-founded and convincing remarks offered “valuable” inspiration to consolidate personal and corporate strength through values. Hans-Joachim Hahn was an enrichment for our conference, and we would be pleased to have him participate in further events.

Claudia und Frank M. Scheelen, SCHEELEN® AG Institute for Management Consulting and Diagnostics, Waldshut-Tiengen

Hans-Joachim Hahn ist ein genialer Bühnendolmetscher. Es ist nicht nur sein Umgang mit Sprache, der die Zuhörer fasziniert, sondern auch die besondere Empathie, mit der er sich auf die unterschiedlichsten Redner wie Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Jordan Belfort u.v.m. einstellen kann. So gibt er diesen großen Persönlichkeiten die wichtige Sicherheit, die sie vor einem sprachfremden Publikum brauchen, das sie erst dann verstehen wird, wenn der Dolmetscher gesprochen hat. Das habe ich selber seit vielen Jahren mit Hans-Joachim Hahn immer wieder so erlebt.

Prof. Dr. Lothar Seiwert, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Global Speaking Fellow (GSF),
Bestsellerautor von Wenn du es eilig hast, gehe langsam und Simplify your Lifewww.Lothar-Seiwert.de

I would like to have this interpreter on the “cloud” so that I can call him dup when needed!

Tomas Sedlacek, teaches economic philosophy and history at Charles University in Prague, is Chief Economist of the Czech National Bank, and author of the bestseller “The Economics of Good and Evil”.

Photo: © idea/kairospress

Über die Bühnendolmetschertätigkeit für Brian Tracy

Once again, it was a great pleasure to see you and work with you again in Vienna, Neuss and Munich. You are a true master of your craft of translation. We make excellent “dance partners” together…

Brian Tracy, Solana Beach

You have once again masterfully translated the great master from the USA – in keeping with the excellent personality of the speaker and the content of his lectures. I admire your linguistic precision, your rhetorical assurance and your idiomatic dexterity. Your spontaneous and subtle humour has delighted us as always. And all of this for hours without an exchange partner. I look forward to working with you again next time.

Günter Butter, Director for Deutsche Vermögensberatung, Mannheim

Original participant comments after the translation of a webinar with Brian Tracy


D.:        Thank you very much for the great translation Mr. Hahn
S. M.:   The translation is great, thank you for having this opportunity!
H. S.:   Thank you for this great translation! You would be the speaker yourself!
S.:        Many thanks also Mr. Hahn for your great translation.
U.:       Thank you very much, also for the great translation, Mr. Hahn.
M. B.:  Great translation, Mr. Hahn has the perfect voice, one listens with enthusiasm. THANK YOU!
T:         Many thanks to Mr. Hahn. Was perfect.
S. Z.:    Thank you very much for this great translation
M. G.:  Thanks to the great translator Mr. Hahn
S. K.:    Many thanks for this great translation
J. M.:    Many thanks for the great translation

For privacy reasons the names have been shortened.