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References as Speaker

Numerous references confirm the speaker-qualities of Hans-Joachim Hahn.

Here are some. Find more references through the link: References as on-stage-interpreter.

Hans-Joachim Hahn has a fascinating presentation style. The grippingly narrative and at the same time intellectually sparkling way of speaking makes the listener forget time and is at the same time highly educational. His stage presence is strong and very authentic!

Lothar Kuhls, WEGe, management consultancy, Hamburg

Hans Joachim Hahn’s talent as a speaker is to present complex content in a concise, clear and very understandable way, with a personal commitment and enthusiasm that fascinates even academically demanding listeners. His presentation on the subject of values and ethics is particularly credible because he has been active in this field for over 30 years, including in the non-profit sector.

Prof. Dr. Hermes A. Kick, Director of the Institute for Medical Ethics, Fundamentals and Methods of Psychotherapy and Health Culture (IEPG) 

Mr. Hahn succeeds again and again in an impressive way to present complex contexts in a simple and vivid way. Intellectual spiciness and at the same time closeness to everyday life combined with spontaneous humour and pictorial speech make his lectures an experience. Our students also appreciate the practical questions and suggestions for group discussions and individual work in his lectures and seminars.

Prof. Dr. Anna Maria Pircher-Friedrich, College Hotel- and Tourism-Management, Merano

In his exciting and intelligent key-notes Mr. Hahn convinces with his authenticity and passion, presenting complex logical connections with inspiration and ease. As a speaker he conveys his Christian values and convictions in a very credible and convincing way.

Prof. Dr. theol. Dr. phil. Dr. iur. Lutz Simon, member of the steering committee of the Christian Professors Forum